When God’s Answer Isn’t Our “Yes”

  I remember praying and asking for a miracle. I remember crying and begging God to save that little life that I saw on the screen. “Your levels aren’t normal” “This doesn’t seem to be a viable pregnancy” “Whatever you’re praying, keep praying, because there’s a heartbeat!!” “I’m sorry, but there is no life there.” … More When God’s Answer Isn’t Our “Yes”


Mercy. Grace.

“Help me trust in You at all times;  help me to pour out my heart to You, God,  for You are my refuge.”  Psalm 62:8 I’m taking a leap, here, with this post. This isn’t a crafty/cooking/photo/fun post. This post is coming from my heart. I want to be real. Real in my faith.  (It’s … More Mercy. Grace.