The 3 Little Words that Changed My Christian Walk

Have you ever met someone and knew that they would change your life? Have you been in the presence of someone who radiated God’s love and Christlikeness?

I was blessed to have met such a man in college. Now, before my husband gets a big head, I will say that this post is not talking about that man who shows me the love of Christ and changed my life in many ways! 😉 I am talking about a man much older, one who has since gone to be with the Lord. A man so sweet and so loving. He was the co-founder of the Christian college that I attended.

I met him on the first day on campus. He greeted my parents and me on the sidewalk on move-in day. I immediately felt like I had met my grandfather. His face was so kind and happy. This man would write and recite poetry to students in the dining hall. Once, he brushed back my hair while he recited a poem to my friends and me. Oh, he was so sweet! Always a smile on his face, always a peaceful countenance. He liked to encourage students with this – he would say: Living like Christ for your entire life is an overwhelming thought, but living for Him in the NEXT 5 MINUTES is much easier (he said this much more poetically than I, but you get the idea!)


Elizabeth George once wrote that she wants to show Christlikeness in every situation. Wow! This thought stopped me in my tracks. I want that. I want others to think of God’s love when they think about me. I want to be able to look back on my life and think, “Yes, I am satisfied with how I walked spiritually through that situation.” Right now, I can say that about some situations, but certainly not all, and if I’m honest, not most.

Those 3 little words have stuck with me and have guided me through many tense, stressful, fearful, dreaded situations. Whenever I am faced with a confrontation (which I abhor!), or have to deal with a strained relationship, I remember “the next 5 minutes”! We can do anything for 5 minutes, right? I can work out for 5 minutes. I can endure a tantrum for 5 minutes. I can straighten up my house for 5 minutes. I can read a devotional for 5 minutes. I can get ready in 5 minutes (we moms have mastered this, right??). 5 minutes can make a big difference. If I don’t practice piano, I won’t know how to play. But if I practice for 5 minutes each day, eventually I’ll learn to play. If I don’t try to clean my house, it will soon become a disaster. But, if I take 5 minutes each day to tidy up, I am able to contain the mess. 5 minutes. baby steps. one bite at a time. slow and steady. Big things are more easily accomplished when broken down into small steps.

Resolving that we will live Christlike for the rest of our days is great, but it’s also daunting considering that we are humans and we live around other humans. BUT if we resolve to live Christlike for the next 5 minutes, we’ll find greater success. What happens after that 5 minutes? Well, we like Christlike for 5 more minutes, and so on. This sweet man said that if we do this, we’ll get to the end of our lives knowing that we lived for Christ. That’s a worthy and tangible goal!

I want to help encourage you to live Christlike in every situation. So, I’m sharing a reminder that I like to keep for myself on my phone. This is my lock screen – it’s a great reminder!

Enjoy this FREE lockscreen to help you remember to live the NEXT 5 MINUTES for Christ! (simply right click and save from a desktop, or hold and save on an iPhone or iPad)




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