Why the Wise Men Matter


They are the most colorful figures in the nativity. They ride camels, wear brightly colored robes, carry shiny gifts, and wear funny hats. The Wise Men. Without them, our Nativity scenes would be beige and boring. 😉

Who were they?

Little is known about the Wise Men. They are only mentioned in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ birth (Matthew 2:1-12). Their identities are not shared. Scholars speculate that they could have been Jews still living in Babylon, or men of position in Babylon, or men from three different lands. There is no clear answer.

Why do they matter?

Because no matter who they were or from where they came, no matter their position or wealth or social status, they came seeking and bowed down to worship Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior of the World. The Bible doesn’t tell us if they were Jewish. The Bible doesn’t tell us their nationality. It simply tells us that these men came from the outside to worship the Child while many of the Jews surrounding the child did not recognize Him as the Son of God, their Messiah.

No matter who we are,  no matter our nationality, our color, our wealth, our social status, our family, our friends, our past….no matter who we are we can bow down and worship GOD. Are you grasping this??

The God of the universe. The Creator. The LORD. We can look for and find Him. We can come to Him. We come to Him by acknowledging and accepting His Son – Jesus. This is the way. We can seek and find God.

The Wise Men matter because they are us. We are those who are unknown to the rest of the world. We come from varying places, various pasts, and with secrets we hope no one knows. It doesn’t matter. We don’t have to fit a specific mold in order to serve God.We just have to come.

Come. Kneel down. Worship God our Savior, who saves us from our sins. Because He came – the baby came – to give us a way to have a relationship with our perfect, Holy Creator. Without the baby, we’re squandering around with our own efforts trying to build a life that won’t last. With the baby, we talk to God, we can receive wisdom, we gain comfort, we have hope, we gain insight, we have purpose, we have a plan, and we are given everything we need to accomplish that plan. We must simply COME.

Just as the three wise men, we need to forsake all and come to Him. No matter who we are or from where we’re coming, we need to come. Because Jesus came for ALL.


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