Dye Free Candy List

The brightly colored holidays are upon us!! And by that I mean, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – all the special days that involve loads of red, green, and orange treats and sugary sweets everywhere we go.

For a dye-free family, the thought of it all is enough to send me into a panic. I don’t want you to panic, so I’ve put together a list of dye-free candy that our family enjoys. So, when your little superheroes, ghosts, and princesses bring home their buckets of candy this week, you’ll have a list of what they can keep and what you should keep for yourself throw away. 😉


100Grand Bars

Almond Joy

Baker’s Treat Peanut Butter Wafers (Aldi)

Benton’s Halloween Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Aldi)

Black Forest Gummy Worms/Bear

Campfire Ghoster Roasters (Ghost Marshmallows – Aldi)

Goldfish Crackers

Heath Bar

Hershey Chocolate Bars

Hershey Cookies and Creme Bars

Hershey Hugs

Hershey Kisses

HoneyMaid Honey Graham Crackers

KitKat (regular, white, and dark)

Little Debbie Zebra Cakes (Octagonal Shaped – NOT the bars or any other shape)

LunchBuddies Sharks and Dinos Gummy Snacks (Aldi)

Milk Duds

Milky Way

Mounds Candy Bars

Mr. Goodbar

Nabisco Nilla Wafers

Nestle Crunch

Oreo Cookies (regular and golden)

Peppermint Patties

Reese Cups

Reese Fast Break

Reese Nutrageous


Skor Bar


Take 5 Bar



YumEarth Jelly Beans

YumEarth Organic pops (lollipops/suckers…whatever you may call them)

YumEarth Vitamin C Pops

I hope this list helps with your efforts for dye-free living! Any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment! I’d love to hear what works for you!


6 thoughts on “Dye Free Candy List

  1. Thank you for the list. Two of my three grandchildren are synthetic dye free, and I spend a great deal of time reading labels. This list will help so much.


  2. Hostess Cupcakes and Hostess HoHo’s are good options too, especially when Little Debbie Swiss Cake rolls have red dye.


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