Shaky Faith is Still Faith

It’s those moments when your faith is shaky…

“what will the doctor say,”

“is he going to be okay,”

“what does this mean,”

“how will we make ends meet,”

“will I find another job”….

I tend to think that if I don’t go into these situations with cape flying and an”F” for faith emblazoned on my chest that I am somehow failing in my faith in God.

But that’s not what God asks from us. God tells us in Matthew 17:20 that if we have faith AS SMALL AS a mustard seed that we could tell a mountain to move and it would move.

A mustard seed.

How many times have I heard this verse? Yet, just recently did it hit me with it’s meaning.
I think that too often we put people in the Bible on such a high pedestal of faith that we leave no room for anything but failure from ourselves. This is so far from the truth. If we read enough of the Bible we see that these great people of faith were human, too. They had great moments of faith, but they also had times of shaky faith, even doubt. 

Do you think Peter stepped onto the water with ZERO questions about how it would work? Do you think Abraham had ZERO questions as he was walking up the hill with Isaac? Do you think David had ZERO nerves when he was collecting stones to face Goliath? I say, “NO” to all of these because these guys were just that – guys. Men and women of the Bible were human. They had faith, but they were human. 

I believe that Peter knew that Jesus could hold him on top of the water, but I’m sure he had reservations – but he stepped out of the boat anyway. I believe, and know, that Abraham had faith that God could raise a person from the dead, although it had never yet happened for him to see. So, I know that Abraham had hope that God would bring back his son. Abraham knew God was able to save, but he just didn’t know if He would or how He would. I believe that David knew God could slay the giant, but I’m sure he was a bit nervous as he apporoached the 9 foot man. But he did it anyway.

That’s the key. They stepped out on faith despite their reservations.

God doesn’t ask for perfect faith. He asks for faith AS SMALL AS a mustard seed.

We know that He can, we just don’t know if/when/how He will.

Our faith is in proportion to our trust. Our trust is in proportion to our knowledge of God. (I forget who said this, but it was someone much wiser than me 😉 ). 

The more we know God, the stronger our faith will become. It might not always be perfect, but it will be stronger. And that’s okay. Because we are allowed to have small faith – God said so. As long as we have faith as small as a tiny seed.

In the moments when our faith is shaky, know that it’s okay. God knows we’re human. Just remember that He’s God, Nothing is impossible for Him, and that no matter how things seem, He’s working for the best for us. 

Oh, Father, thank you that you are a solid constant. Thank you that you are a safe place for us to run to and a strong place for us to hold to when our faith seems small and shaky. All things are possible with You. May we look to You when our faith is small and remember WHO YOU ARE and the things You’ve done in the past. 


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