bibs, bottles, and puffs for the Kingdom of God…

A look back at a favorite blog post – an encouragement for mommies (and daddies) in the trenches with little ones.

a little yellow house

As a stay at home mom to littles (two, soon to be, three little boys), I often find myself discouraged with my lack of involvement in ministries of the church. Before having babies, I was actively involved in one ministry or another. Recently, I’ve found my days, nights, weeks, and years consumed by little boys and a big boy (the hubs).

Am I lacking an outlet for ministry in my life? No.

My outlet is “3 littles and a big”. 🙂

In this season of my life, my ministry is to these little guys and my husband.

I’ve mentioned this before in a post about worshipping as a stay-at-home mom (here), but God has placed it on my heart again. He continually reminds me that I AM USEFUL TO HIM. Someone must change diapers, make bottles, play cars, and keep the pantry stocked with puffs. That someone is…

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