One Day…

One day, my kitchen table will be set. 

One day, my laundry will be put away. 

One day, he won’t take 30 minutes to eat one pouch of food. 

One day, I’ll wake up rested from a full night of sleep. 

One day, the corners of my family room won’t be stacked with toys.

One day, I won’t have a tub of wipes in every room. 

One day, I won’t be so needed. 

One day, I’ll miss all of this. 

I get 4 years with each of my guys before they go to school. Only 4 years. 4 summers, 4 Christmases, 4 snowy winters…only 4 years, and then they’re off to preschool. I’m just now realizing this since my oldest starts school this fall. It’s killing me. 

I feel that I wished away his baby-years by longing for clean counters and de-cluttered rooms. I’m so thankful I’m realizing this now while they’re all still home. 

My house is a mess. But my guys are happy. I’m learning to play more than clean. 

I’m learning that the laundry can be put away later, but the game of hide and seek can’t wait. 

I’m learning balance and discipline I’ve not known before. (Because the bathrooms MUST be cleaned, bills paid, laundry cleaned, and meals made). I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I’ve never felt more important. 

One day, these guys will be self-sufficient. One day they’ll only be home to sleep and get ready for school. One day, I’ll have to ask them to spend time with me. 

So, while I wear my PJs most of the day and I can’t remember the last time I blow-dried and styled my hair, I’m reminding myself that this sweet chaotic time isn’t forever. 

So, I’ll soak up being this loved and needed right now, and enjoy these chubby faces and sticky hands while they last. 


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