Get Up

I always straighten up the boys’ toys right before company arrives. I’m not sure why I do this. Within ten minutes of their arrival, the boys have toys all over the floor from “entertaining” our guests. I straighten up the family room every evening so that my husband and I can relax in a toy-free room for a few hours, although I know that it’ll be cluttered the next morning.

You would think I would reduce the number of toys in the room if this were really a bother to me – it’s not, really. I like these days of toys in the living room. Kids never like the neutral colored toys, so I’ve accepted the brightly colored, noisy, flashing  “accents” in my home. 🙂

If the toys were a problem, and I didn’t reduce them, but kept tidying up every day while complaining about the mess, I’d be crazy, right? Why fix a problem if I’m only going to go cause the problem again? Why fix the broken window if I’m only going to throw a ball through it again?

Why ask God for help with a problem if we’re only going repeat the same thing that caused the problem in the first place?

When Jesus approached the lame man at the Pool at Bethesda, He told him to “Rise, take up your bed and walk” (John 5:8). Jesus didn’t say, “You’re healed, now just relax and enjoy.” Jesus told him to move on – to take his things and go on to the next thing.

Why would the man sit down and return to the place from which Jesus had healed him? The same reason I choose to use harsh words with my husband after God has helped strengthen our relationship. The same reason I fall back into laziness after God has helped me prioritize my life. The same reason I fill my schedule up to the point that I’m too busy for Him after He helped me clear my schedule and find the Best Yes in my life (highly recomment Lysa Terkeurst’s The Best Yes, by the way).

Because we are human. We sin. We are selfish. But God knows that even before helping us.

The beauty of this is, He forgives a repentant heart and helps us again.

When God calls me out of a mess, when He helps me with a tough situation, I need to GET UP and WALK ON.

When God helps strengthen my marriage, I need to leave my negative behaviors behind and WALK ON to better choices. When God is asking me to seek Him and His wisdom, I need to leave my laziness behind and WALK ON to better choices.

I want to GET UP out of my messes and move on to something better – more prayer life, more devotional time, more family times, a gentler spirit, a quieter mouth, and nicer tone, a more organized life….whatever it may be. Whatever God is telling me to do, I need to get up out of the mess in which I’m sitting and MOVE ON.

I bet the man at Bethesda ran and leaped for the rest of his days. I bet he could be spotted in the crowd – he’d be the one running and leaping while everyone else is walking. People would notice and ask why he’s so joyful. He’d have a story to tell and God’s goodness to share. 🙂

Let that be us. Let’s get up from the mess out of which He’s helping us and MOVE ON.


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