Seek. Really seek.

…if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God” – Proverbs 2:4-5


I’ve used the same sweet newborn hat for all three of my boys’ newborn photo sessions. When my second son was born, I looked for it and could not find it. I panicked. It was lost forever. The newborn photo session couldn’t go on without it and my baby would only be a sleepy, posable newborn for no more than 10 days!! (are you with me on this?) I searched every nook and crannie in my house. I searched every box piled up in every closet. I could not find it. So, I cried and I prayed. Seriously. God says, “Cast every care on Him” – so I did. 🙂

I finally found it the night before the photo session.

We moved to a new house and I made a point to put the sweet newborn hat in a place where I wouldn’t forget it. My third son was born and I couldn’t find the hat. I panicked! The photo shoot would definitely be ruined, the tradition of that hat was lost forever and my previous efforts were all in vain!! (are you with me again?)

We searched every box, every corner, every pile of totes in the garage, in the attic…everywhere. This hormonal, post-partum momma was in tears. So, I prayed, again. And we found it, again.

That sweet newborn hat is now on a shelf in my bedroom so I can always see it. I want to see it as a reminder of this:

I was SEEKING for that hat. Am I SEEKING for God?

Am I really putting in the effort for the wisdom for which I ask? Am I seeking it as much as I do a treasured item?

I wasn’t.

God says that if we seek His words, commandments, wisdom, understanding, and insight like we seek after a treasure (which it’s gold, silver, that ONE Christmas gift, or a sweet newborn hat), WE WILL GET IT.

God says we will “understand righteousness and justice and equity, every good path; wisdom will come into [our hearts], and knowledge will be pleasant to [our souls]; discretion will watch over [us], understanding will guard [us]…” (Proverbs 2:9-11)

I cannot flippantly ask for wisdom in raising my boys or handling a difficult relationship or making a life-changing choice. I must ask and then I MUST SEEK.

I must make that wisdom and understanding a priority.

Just as I make a list for what I hope to accomplish each day, SEEKING GOD (and His wisdom and understanding) must be on that list, too.

I’ve learned it’s the most important thing on my list. I must seek God like I sought that little hat.


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