When the world seems like too much.

We do not have cable. If something newsworthy happens during the day, I find out from Facebook or from my husband when he comes home from work. If Little Einsteins don’t sing about it, I don’t know it happened.
So when I get a chance to watch the news and see what’s happening in our world, I am overwhelmed. It’s not even the news – I am appalled by what is on TV shows and commercials. I can only handle so much until I gladly turn to toddler tv once again.

“[they] lie in wait for blood; [and] ambush the innocent without reason” (Prov 1:11)

Our society can be summarized with that one line.

“…you refuse to listen…
you have ignored all my counsel…
you despised my reproof…
[you] hated knowledge…
[you] did not choose the fear of the LORD…” (Prov 1:24-30)

 Isn’t this us? Isn’t this our world?? Even if I listen sometimes, I don’t listen ALL of the time. I don’t even know all of God’s counsel because I don’t take time to read it and learn it.


“I…will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when terror strikes you…they will call upon me, but I will not answer…” (Prov 1:26,28)

It won’t be funny when He refuses to answer because we have ignored Him and hated His instruction and correction.

This terrifies me. This shakes me to my core.

But God doesn’t leave us with this. GOD DOESN’T LEAVE US WITH THIS.

He gave us this:


without dread of disaster. That is a balm for this momma’s heart. No matter what is happening around us. No matter how appalling our culture, no matter how outrageous our world becomes, I am secure, I can be at ease, I can be without dread. Because I listened. Because I accepted His gift of salvation.

Because I believed Him when He said Christ died for MY sins and rose again.
Because I admitted my sin.
Because I accepted Him as my LORD.

Am I perfect? No. Am I lazy? Yes. Do I want to change? Yes.
Is it easy? No.
Is it worth it? Absolutely.

I can be without dread because I know what happens in the end. Does that take away my fear every day? No. But I can remind myself that in this seemingly blood-thirsty, upside-down world, there is hope. There is a one, true, consistent HOPE. and HE is carrying us through.

Praise You, Father.


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