bibs, bottles, and puffs for the Kingdom of God…

As a stay at home mom to littles (two, soon to be, three little boys), I often find myself discouraged with my lack of involvement in ministries of the church. Before having babies, I was actively involved in one ministry or another. Recently, I’ve found my days, nights, weeks, and years consumed by little boys and a big boy (the hubs).

Am I lacking an outlet for ministry in my life? No.

My outlet is “3 littles and a big”. 🙂

In this season of my life, my ministry is to these little guys and my husband.

I’ve mentioned this before in a post about worshipping as a stay-at-home mom (here), but God has placed it on my heart again. He continually reminds me that I AM USEFUL TO HIM. Someone must change diapers, make bottles, play cars, and keep the pantry stocked with puffs. That someone is me.

My brother preached a sermon this past Sunday and used John 11:25 as a reference: “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live

He made an interesting point about a little word, “the”. Jesus didn’t say “I am life,” He said, “I am THE life.”
“The” is a definite article – it makes a word specific, it makes it something particular, not just a general term. Jesus was saying that He is THE life – He is the whole sum of our existence – past, present, and future. The things we do in life are because of and for Him.

Francis Chan (Crazy Love) writes that not one bit of this life is about us, but about God. Not one single thing in this world is about us, but all about God and His purpose and His glory.

So, when I’m washing bottles, it’s not about me. It’s not about how many I’ve washed in the past 3 years, or how I’m still completely nauseated by the Nutramigen I’m washing out of them, but about how I’m fulfilling GOD’S purpose for this season of my life.

When I’m washing the fourteenth load of little boy clothes for the week, it’s not about how amazing I am for keeping up with their laundry (which is NOT at all true), it’s about how I’m serving God by serving these little guys.

The things I do in life are BECAUSE of Christ. The things I do in life, no matter how tedious and seemingly meaningless, are FOR Christ. I change diapers for the cause of Christ. I wipe noses and kiss scraped knees for the cause of Christ. It’s not about me, it’s all about HIM and the ministry He’s given me in this season of my life.

Because, as Andy Stanley says, my biggest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something I do, but someone I raise.

So, bring on the bibs, bottles, and puffs. This could be the most adorable work God could call me to do in my life.


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