On Being a Normal Mom…and Savoring the Baby Days in a Normal Way

When I was pregnant with my second little boy, I was told I wouldn’t have time to take his pictures like I did my first baby. I was told he’d be the “second baby” as in, he would have to be content to not have my attention, he’d learn to sit and play, he’d not have a baby book, he’d not have a picture of each day of his life.

I swore this wouldn’t happen.

It did.

I’m okay with it.

You know why?

Because this “picture a day of my first child” mom has come to accept that I have WAY TOO MANY pictures of that first child, and that I just cannot possibly be the mommy and wife I need to be while keeping a daily journal and photo stream of both boys.


And that’s okay. Because I write down those BIG moments that take my breath away. I photograph the boys each week. I try to take a monthly pictures during the first year. I snap photos on my phone each day – they may not be the best quality, they may be blurry, BUT, I know what memory I was capturing. That’s all that matters. Because isn’t that the point of our photos? Isn’t that the point of all of our record keeping during these sweet baby days? To remember their details, mannerisms, quirks, and sweet memories…


I pin. I pin LOTS of ideas. I don’t do majority of them. I feel guilty for not being the Pinterest Mom with a jar full of indoor activities to keep my kids entertained each and every single day this winter. But then, I don’t have the energy to do that. I have the energy to paint with water and Qtips (thanks, All Kinds of Things), to play Paw Patrol, feed two babies fifteen times each day, change diapers, do laundry, keep the house sanitized (not tidy, by any means), run errands, prep dinner, get kids to bed, and then spend time with my husband. THAT’S what I have the energy for.

And I’m okay with that.

More and more, I’m realizing that I am Mommy, so I will be enough, and they will love me, even if I don’t spend all day playing with them. I am also a wife, a tutor, a daughter, a friend…I have other roles to fill. I love my boys, but I also love the other people in my life.

So, I encourage you to stop feeling like you MUST have a holiday related activity for your children each and every day. I encourage you to stop feeling guilty for doing things to fulfill your roles other than “Mommy.”

I encourage you to stop pressuring yourself to SAVOR EVERY MOMENT of your children. Not every moment is savor-worthy. They will grow up, yes. But let’s stop pressuring ourselves to do crazy amounts of memory-making activities. Let’s stop telling one another to “cherish every moment.” There is so much pressure in that phrase. I ban that phrase from my life. I enjoy my babies. I love them. I cherish them. But, at the end of the day, not every day is a day to cherish. Some days are just hard. Some days I just want to go to bed so we can wake up with a clean slate.

Dear Mommy Friends, if your babies are happy, you’re doing a good job. If you’ve taken some pictures and written down some things they’ve done, you’ve done enough. I wish I could remember each and every adorable thing they say and do. But I can’t. So I enjoy it while it happens, write down a few things, and take a few pictures.

I think we’re doing a good job. We’ll savor their adorable-ness when we look at the pictures we took and the read the things we wrote. Let’s stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. We have enough going on each and every day without worrying whether or not we’re doing enough to SAVOR EACH MOMENT.

Let’s be normal.


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