Cultivating a Toddler’s Heart for Christ…Continued

As S and I were snuggling in my bed (while he stalled, not wanting to go to his bed), he held up three chubby fingers and said, “I like that picture of the cross. Three of them. One is Jesus, and these two are the bad guys.”

My heart flipped over with love for this child, praise to God that S is making sense of our lessons, and shock that he remembered that lesson from WEEKS ago! We read the Easter story a few weeks ago after S requested the “cross and Jesus” story in our Rhyme Bible Storybook.

we love this for our devotions!

It was that evening that I fumbled around trying to explain Christ’s death and resurrection and the plan of salvation to my 2.5 year old! I thought for sure that he learned nothing from that bumpy, all-over-the-place explanation. Evidently, I was wrong. Evidently, God still uses our bumpy explanations of His Word to accomplish HIS Will.

So, tonight, since I learned that he understands that Jesus was on the cross between two “bad guys,” I took it one step further. I explained that, “this bad guy said, ‘Jesus, I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve done,’ and Jesus said, ‘I forgive you. You can now go to Heaven with me.”…… (that’s bumpy! ha!)

I’m sharing this to encourage you to not give up sharing Christ with your toddler. As I mentioned in the first post about reaching your toddler for Christ, God promised that His Word would never return void – it will always accomplish what He plans for it (Is 55:11) – like His plans for us to train up our children in the His ways (Prov 22:6). His Word won’t return void…even when spoken to 2-year old ears. 🙂

So even if your Gospel presentation includes bad guys, chubby fingers, and heroes, take heart – SOMETHING will get through to their young hearts and minds. God’s got this. 🙂

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Gal 6:9)


One thought on “Cultivating a Toddler’s Heart for Christ…Continued

  1. Keep going! Keep planting those seeds! I started reading Bible stories to Hudson before he could lift his head…it seems every day I notice something he is mimicking that I didn't even know he noticed. Makes me want to keep reading those Bible stories in hopes it sticks in his little mind.


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