Mommy Monday: Worshipping as a Stay at Home Mom

Amidst potty training, gummies, bottles, pacis, ninja turtles, nap time, bath time, daily chores, and finding time for the hubby, how is a stay at home mom supposed to find time to worship God every day?

By doing all of those things. Every day. The best she can.


Abodah is a Hebrew word meaning “service, work, worship“. Did you catch that? Worship isn’t separate from work.

One of my brothers (I have 3 older brothers…I know, bless my heart… 🙂 ), introduced me to this word through his sermon yesterday morning. He said that our work and our worship can be the same thing, as long as we are doing our work for the glory of God. As he was preaching, 1 Cor 10:31 popped into my head (after having to recite it twice a week in chapel in high school…I’m thankful for that now! :).
“Whether you eat or drink, or WHATEVER you do, do it to the glory of God”

Wash bottles to the glory of God.
Play Ninja Turtles to the glory of God.
Pick up toys 20x a day to the glory of God.
Make dinner to the glory of God.

As a stay at home mom and wife, I am called to serve God by serving my family. On days when I feel all I do is wipe noses, burp babies, and manage to get dinner on the table before bedtime, I am relieved to know that if I’ve kept the right attitude about it all, I can say that I have worshipped and served God all day.

So, take heart, mommas (and daddies)…on the days when you feel you’ve accomplished nothing, you’ve accomplished a lot more than you think. 😉

Your greatest contirbution to the kingdom of God 
may not be something you do,
but someone you raise. – Andy Stanley

beyond blessed to serve God by serving these three handsome men!


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