Faith Like a Child

I was looking back on some notes I had written years ago, and came across this devotional note. I wrote it in March 2010, when this littlest chick was 3…she’ll turn 7 this week (I’ll have to admit I’m growing old one day, but not today!)

S adores these girls!

Faith Like a Child

I had the privilege of babysitting my newly 3-year-old niece the other day. We were outside enjoying the spring weather when she looked across my front yard to the golf course in front of my house and very matter-of-factly stated, “I WILL play golf one day.”

I’ve been spinning that statement over in my mind since she said it. Not only was her determination adorable, but it was also very encouraging. Here’s why:

In 1 Timothy, Paul urges Timothy to “let no man despise [your] youth, but be an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12). Perhaps Paul meant “youth” in more ways than one. We often think of physical youth. What about mental youth? Even inexperience? Isn’t it always the youth or the inexperienced that face situations with a fresh courage. When beginning a new job we often enter the office with a fresh outlook and hope for change only to be knocked back by someone with more experience and frankly, more pessimism (often disguised as “common sense”).

My niece’s determination is the perfect example of Paul’s charge to Timothy. Taking her to a golf course now and trying to teach her how to play would be nearly impossible. Or would it? We never know until we try.

What if we all had the same “youthful” determination/faith? Jesus urged his disciples to have a “childlike faith.” Simply put, we should have a fresh-faced, optimistic faith. Children do not look at circumstances and consider the risks or obstacles: they simply “go”. We, as adults, tend to look at our circumstances and talk ourselves out of possibilities.

The next time we are faced with a seemingly impossible or even slightly difficult task, instead of considering all the negative things that COULD happen, let’s stare it down and, with a childlike determination, tell ourselves “I WILL do this.” Whether it be faith in trusting God with finances, losing weight, changing our career, giving of yourself to help someone else, standing up against gossip, or fighting to save a marriage – look at that problem, put your hand in God’s and DO that thing together.


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