A PlayRoom TakeOver

I tried so hard to fight it.

I did everything I could to make sure my family room didn’t look like a daycare. I really did.

But, when 1400 sq feet must contain a toddler, his toys, and a new baby, some things must change.

So, instead of “daycare,” I went with “preschool” 😉

This is S’s new play area:

pardon the terrible lighting, I have very little natural light in my family room…

Before the toddler takeover, this wall housed our entertainment center and two bookcases full of baskets of toys and books. Granted, the baskets were pretty baskets…BUT I found his bigger toys taking over the floor for lack of a “place.”

I am a firm believer in “a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” So, this conversion of a family room wall to a playroom was necessary to contain the clutter.

The alphabet rug is from Walmart. The letter and number art is from Hobby Lobby. I made sure that the playroom decorations coordinated with my family room decorations. I didn’t want it to seem too crazy and out of sorts. So, the family room is now being redecorated to house navy blue and white (my favorite! and a reason to shop for new decorations!)

I must say, the magnetic chalkboard has been the star of the show! I do not know how a certain little boy lived without it. I highly recommend it. Plus, he can write all over the walls and bookcases with the chalk and it wipes clean! 🙂

I still rotate his books and toys. We have a closet in the family room that houses some other toys and books. When I find that he’s getting bored with the toys in the bins and shelves, I rotate them with some toys from the closet. Sometimes I’ll simply rotate the bins or rearrange the shelves. This throws him for a loop when he’s looking for something specific, but it brings toys he’s ignored to the forefront to catch his attention.

Those shelves house his art supplies, blocks, cars, puzzles, games, musical instruments…etc. It’s wonderful to have a space for everything! 🙂

This space works great for all of us. It freed up the other living space in the family room for us, while giving him a space all his own!

Now…to find a place for a baby swing… 😉


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