Weaning….by the signs!


You know those people who can always forecast the weather by the signs in nature? My grandparents are those people. I aspire to be one of those people. I would love to know that we will have a wet winter just by the signs! I think it’d make me seem wise…. 😉

I had my first successful experience with “the signs” a few months ago: WEANING!!

Now I, in now way, believe in astrology. But, I believe in the wisdom of those older and more experienced than I. So, I took my family’s recommendation to wean my baby boy toddler “by the signs.”

S was becoming attached to his bottle. He only took a bottle before his nap and bedtime, but he had become attached to it in order to fall asleep. He’s a “sleep training” baby, so he can fall asleep on his own, but the bottle had become his signal for sleep. He was also approaching his 18 month check-up, and I knew his dr would ask about the bottle – so, the week before his appointment, we stopped! 😉

I was told that the last week of June 2013 would be the best week to take away the bottle, cold-turkey, because of “the signs.” I had NO IDEA what sign this was, but I figured it was worth a try since my family had previous success with it.

Turns out, the Farmer’s Almanac had all the info on these signs. The link to a weaning and potty training schedule is here. (Evidently, these signs can also be used for weaning your livestock, as well. ha.)

It worked! We gave our baby little boy oatmeal (instead of a bottle) before bed and read his usual book. He cried his normal amount before settling down and sleeping through the night, but he never seemed to miss the bottle. (and we haven’t missed paying the bill for Nutramigen!) He did cry for his “bah” when he saw one, but once they were out of sight, they were out of mind. We stopped cold-turkey that week, and we’ve not looked back!

I think I know where I’ll turn when it’s time for potty training! (eek).


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