Father’s Day Gift for less than $10

We are on a budget these days, so I try to come up with creative gifts for holidays throughout the year. Father’s Day always seems to be the holiday that is the most difficult to shop for – my life is full of men who, “don’t need anything.” I’m sure you can relate!
The most difficult person to shop for is my Grandpa, Papa (pronounced “PawPaw” around here 😉 ). His gifts range from gas gift cards to socks…sometimes, cologne….he always respnds to gifts with a “I don’t need anything” comment as he shakes his head and carefully removes bows and paper…love him! 🙂

I adore my Papa, so I wanted to give him something creative. S ADORES Papa – he calls him “Gramps.” S visits Gramps at least once a week – they love each other. Gramps teases, S sasses, all the while, they both smile and Gramps belly laughs at S’s orneriness. 🙂 It warms my heart.

So this year, I created this: all for less than $10. A 5×7 mounted photo.

I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out! I am ordering one for myself since this brings tears to my eyes!
While visiting with Gramps and Granny, I had S hold their hands. (What you cannot see is my mom’s hands holding Samuel’s arms in place – he’s a child who likes his freedom 😉 ha.) These are Gramps’ hands holding onto S’s hands.
I edited it in Lightroom and added the text in Photoshop. I uploaded it to Walmart.com and ordered the mounted 5×7 photo. It was ready in a few hours (supposed to be 1 hour, but they were busy with other last-minute Father’s Day orders – oops!)
This picture is now the background for my computer. I adore Papa/Gramps. He is such a good man, and I love his love for his great-grandbabies.
Enjoy the weekend with the great men in your lives! 🙂



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