Seashells and Photographs

Now, I’m not super-crafty. I don’t claim to be. I do, however, have my moments. When I have these moments, I need to blog about them. Tada.

My husband LOVES to look for shells at the beach. If he’s wandered off while at the beach, I know he’ll return with a handful of only the best shells and perhaps a shark tooth or two (he’s still a little boy at heart).

He’s converted S into a shell-searcher too… (this photo is completely candid…except maybe I did tell Josh to “freeze” so I could get this shot….ha)

So, I have multiple bags of shells from different beaches just setting in my house. I needed a way to display them, so I came up with this:
I found the idea on Pinterest to use sand from the beach in a shadow box. I didn’t want that mess, so I used our shells. I used a picture I took from that beach, and voila! I’m in love. Now I have my little man’s face, my big man’s seashells, and a completed project (rare!).



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