March 27, 2010

I have to confess, I was embarrassed today by something I said earlier this week.

My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home. Everything involving this process has fallen into place so smoothly and all of our finances have been met while buying this house – so much so that we know that God wants us to have this place. He is blessing us tremendously.
I am also direction the annual Easter play for my church and incorporating a dinner into it to support youth missions: my husband is working full-time, going to graduate school full-time, and participating in the play, so our schedule is extremely busy for this week leading up to Easter.
We were told three weeks ago that we could expect to close on our house this week. Some issues came up, so we were told that we could close this coming Monday. I was excited – Monday would allow some cushion to move in and get things ready for the play and for my in-laws to visit for the holiday. There was one financial issue that concerned me, though.
Because we had an issue surface, the closing was going to cost a little more than expected, leaving us enough, but less money for other things I had planned to purchase while moving in.
We received a call this week telling us that we would be closing on Wednesday of this coming week – 3 days before the Easter play! I panicked and could not understand why God was pushing this back. I asked Him why because it didn’t fit in “my schedule.”
(You think I would know how well my schedule and God’s schedule works by now. haha. They are always vastly different and His is always better!) So last night I received my answer.
I was painting alone in the house when God revealed to me that because we are closing on Wednesday, we are closing on Josh’s payday. So we have more than enough money to cover the issue and buy the other things.
I apologized and was embarrassed that I had questioned Him about such a small thing. After all He’s done. I guess I can’t judge the children of Israel too much for complaining, it seems I was doing the same thing.

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